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Guidelines for Nominating Committee

  1. Appointment and Dutiesof the Nominating Committee
    • The current Chair of the Board of Trustees will appoint at least 3 and not more than 5 members, all of whom must be voting members of the Board, to the Nominating Committee.   
    • The nominating committee will present a slate of nominees for Officers of the Board of Trustees to the Board at its last meeting in the spring.  The slate of nominees will be voted on at the first meeting of the Board following June 30th. 
    • The slate of nominees must contain at least one nominee for each of the offices of Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary of the Board of Trustees, as well as two at large nominees to the Executive Committee.
    • The nominating committee will also work to gather and present names for prospective Board members.
  2.  Composition of the Nominating Committee    
    • The immediate past Chair of the Board of Trustees will serve as chair of the nominating committee.  Should the immediate past chair  of the Board of Trustees no longer be a member of the board or is not willing or able to serve in this role, the Board chair shall appoint the chair.
    • The chair of the nominating committee will not be a candidate for an officer position, but may be a member of the executive committee.
    • The other members of the nominating committee will not be precluded from nomination as an officer. 
    • The Board of Trustees may also elect an Assistant Secretary from among the members of the Chancellor's staff as recommended by the Chancellor.  Copies of all minutes, papers, and documents of the Board of Trustees may be certified by the Assistant Secretary with the same force and effect as though such certification were made by the Secretary of the Board.
  3. Eligibility
    • The Nominating Committee should select one or more nominees for each officer position from current Board members. 
    • The nominees for office shall be elected to one year terms and generally shall be eligible to serve for two terms in any one office, if elected.
    • It is expected that the Chair-nominee will agree to serve for two terms, if re-nominated for a second term. After two successive terms of service, the Chair is generally ineligible for reappointment as Chair until one year has elapsed.  
  4. Executive Committee
    • The Executive Committee consists of five (5) members:  two (2) at-large members, and the three (3) officers of the Board of Trustees, ex-officio, with the Chair of the BOT serving as Chair of the Executive Committee. 
    • The Executive committee shall act for the full Board, including approval of appropriate academic and administrative appointments between scheduled Board of Trustees meetings, as needed.


  1. These Guidelines are provided as guidance only.  
  2. The Chair of the Nominating Committee should provide each member of the committee with a copy of these guidelines prior to the meeting at which nominees are selected.

Approved by Full BOT on February 16th, 2012