Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor's Report: 2009-2010 Milestones

The UNCG in 3 commercial spot highlights the advantages of using AP and iSchool credit, and an accelerated course load, to graduate in as little as three years. Video transcript available here.

UNCG in 3 program helps students graduate in three years with an accelerated path to their degree

Students who have AP or iSchool credit and who want to graduate in three years by taking an accelerated course load now have a specific plan of action for reaching their goal. After conducting a student survey and learning that a large number of incoming students bring significant college credit with them, UNCG launched UNCG in 3. The program addresses the UNC Tomorrow and UNCG Strategic Plan goals for expanding educational access. Not only does UNCG in 3 allow students to get a jump start on graduate school, a career or launching a business, it also saves them approximately $8,000 on tuition, fees, room and board over a four-year program.