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UNCG Protection of Children

Responding to what came to light in 2012 about a pattern of child abuse at Penn State University, Chancellor Linda P. Brady charged a Task Force on Children to review processes and set standards at UNCG.

The Task Force delivered its report on February 8, 2013: UNCG Task Force on Children Final Report, February 8, 2013 (PDF)

The appendix to the Task Force report can be found at : Appendices to the Report of the Task Force on Children at UNCG (PDF)

(Please note: these items require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader which can be downloaded from the Adobe web site.)

Here is a report on progress made to date in implementing the six recommendations of the Task Force, including links to new or revised University policies.

The Task Force on Children at UNCG (TF) was impressed with the care and expertise with which many of our colleagues develop and manage these programs and activities. None of the TF recommendations should be taken as a negative reflection upon the high quality and careful safeguards found in many programs. The TF recommended:
1. That the Chancellor issue a public statement Chancellor issued statement, and has asked Provost, Vice Chancellors, and Deans to make statements, early in 2014, to staff in their areas.
2. UNCG should develop and adopt a University policy…Current Federal and State laws contain gaps such that, in many situations, there are no legal requirements that suspected abuse be reported. Thus, the UNCG policy should expand to all University employees and students the duty to report suspected abuse of children and other vulnerable persons in connection with University-sponsored programs and activities. … "Minors on Campus: Reporting Policy" adopted December 16, 2013.
3. UNCG should… require that all faculty, staff, and student employees who will be working with such populations in connection with UNCG programs and activities undergo a background check Background check policy modified December 2, 2013.
4. UNCG should… see that all faculty, staff, and students who have regular involvement in University programs and activities serving children and other vulnerable persons have up-to-date training. … Preparation of training materials in process
5. … that the Chancellor name a standing committee of faculty and staff experts… to meet as needed to share best practices, make recommendations for updates to University policy as necessary, and act as an advisor in this area. … that the Chancellor give an individual…and this committee the responsibility of updating the TF report's inventory every year. Committee has not yet been named, nor has an administrative officer yet been given this ongoing responsibility. When a Director of University Compliance is named, that individual will have responsibility for coordinating UNCG's protection-of-children policies & practices.
6. … that all senior officers be provided… the lists of program/activity administrators in their areas each year, as a reminder of their responsibilities for oversight of those programs… To be done in 2014.