Living in a Democracy (faculty and staff)

Posted on April 08, 2017

I, like many of you, was up late into the night watching our democratic system at work. The United States is the most formidable and healthy democracy in the world, and we should not take lightly the freedoms and responsibilities that we enjoy. No matter your party affiliation or candidates of choice during this election, the peaceful transition of power is at the core of our democracy. As a country and as a university community, our future depends on our ability to work together, even after a contentious political season.

To be clear, our campus remains committed to maintaining a climate where the free expression of ideas coexists with the principles of respect, dignity and inclusion. The beauty of the university experience is that it provides an environment where people can discover, explore, analyze, debate and even advance the many different perspectives about our world. Differing opinions often emerge but they are part and parcel of being thinking people. I expect that our campus will continue to engage in civil and productive dialogue. To do anything less cuts against the very essence of our university’s most cherished values. By upholding our values, we maintain the conditions that support the success of our students, staff and faculty. In short, be gracious, thoughtful and smart. Be Spartans.